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Rolex Presents night musicals in the Salzburg festival

On December 14, 2015, Shanghai, the world famous watch brand rolex hand in hand again with the Salzburg Festival which is enjoying the international reputation, honorably represented the “Salzburg Festival night” in the Roosevelt mansion in the bund in Shanghai No.27. To reveal the leadership position and importance of the salzburg festival in the field of classical music, and showed the support of salzburg festival in 2016, the rolex invited chairman of salzburg festival, Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler, joined hands with the guests who are to show the music performance during the period of the festival in 2016, to solely present a ground-breaking music performance. At the same time, rolex on December 15, 2015 to January 17, 2016 in The Rolex Experience grandly launched the oyster perpetual Daydate 40 exhibitions, this classic wrist watch being the symbol of excellence and fame, in that night, was showed to the guests attended the salzburg festival dinner in advance.

Founded in 1920, salzburg festival is the highest and the most famous music festivals around the world, it keeps the unremitting pursuit of top art in nearly a century, and always makes great efforts on committing to bring high quality performance for the audience, thus attracts millions of visitors to watch. In 2012, the rolex and the popular salzburg festival started the cooperation relationship. Adhering to adhere to the pursuit of the perfect idea, rolex mission and beliefs of salzburg festival coincides with each other. Since then, mutual sides helps artists achieve excellence, and promotes and popularizes music all over the world. In 2016, Salzburg festival will be entering the 96th, under the guide of the chairman of Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler, again next year will be a music event worth the much-anticipated attention.

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To Buy Replica Rolex Watches Online

Rolex is a classic brand of the Swiss clock industry. Rolex because of its constantly pioneering spirit of innovation and excellent quality, becomes numerous remarkable outstanding people’s first choice, but also the status symbol of successful people. Rolex mechanical men’s watches deeply loved by successful people with solemn, practical, not frivolous and not flattering style; And its precision and also the characteristics of the ultra-high not easy bad has attracted numerous consumers. Here will bring you to best and high-value rolex watches for you if you are to buy a replica rolex online for the ROLEX Daydate or the Rolex Dayjust watches. Just know more about them and make your purchase from China online store to save more on replica rolex watches while getting the best cheap one for yourself.

ROLEX Daydate 218238-83218 Black Surface Mechanical Men Watch
For the rolex daydate watches, the appearance are almost the same, the watch bezel with triangle grooved design and the Arc calendar display window at the 12 o’clock position, and the bullate calendar window at the three o’clock position, which are the rolex brand characteristics deeply rooted in the hearts of the people’s. The difference of this rolex daydate watch with others is its watch dial color, which is white watch dial matching with the Vintage Roman time scale to add some gentle breath on this gold rolex watch.

Rolex Dayjust 116233-63203 Mechincal Men Watch
Rolex Dayjust 116233-63203 Mechincal Men Watch highlights a noble quality through the combination of gold and silver color. The silver watch dial matching with the gold Roman scale and the gold three needles, along with small convex lens date display window function, the design of this Rolex dayjust watch very attracts people’s attention. What is more, the golden triangle lines resistant outer bezel tightly connects to the 904 l stainless steel and 18ct gold watch strap.

Tips on Buying Rolex Watches in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China, is city that walks in the leading edge, while the “invasion” of Rolex makes a great name for itself.

Nowadays, Rolex watches are so popular in Hong Kong, because the number of Rolex brand shops in Hong Kong is on the rise, so to speak, they appear to make Rolex become the household name, and provide the guarantee for the customer, and trustworthy, which can be seen from the product quality and accuracy of Rolex. So, now many mainland people of China like to go to Hong Kong to buy Rolex watches, here we just remind you some attention matters when going to Hong Kong to buy Rolex watches.

Tips one: Choose the credible Rolex shop
Buying Rolex watch in Hong Kong, you need to choose the Rolex shop with credibility and quality guarantee and warranty, such as the exclusive shop. When buy Rolex watch, you need to take care of the approval distributor certificate issued by the general agent, and the watches was sent out by the distributors of the general agency, which listed the state region size, sales date and type of certificate. When to shop in Hong Kong, just go to those shops with “Hong Kong famous brand management center”, “Hong Kong tourism board” or “HKFB”, or buy goods with “HKFB” logo which is guaranteed.

Tips two: you need to pay tax when carrying Rolex watch when passing customs
Due to the need to go through the customs from Hong Kong, and according to the relevant provisions of the customs, you need to pay the tax of 20% of the invoice when carrying the Rolex watch which is bought in Hong Kong. So before buying watches in Hong Kong you must know better the price, to see if the price of the watch buying in Hong Kong and 20% taxes is reasonable or not.