Hublot – What’s Carbon Fibre?

Amazing appearing without a top material that could match it would not express designers’ intent. If you lay stress on the appearance, then the material is the texture and the texture and quality will finally decide the product’s quality. Speaking of the material, Hublot has a say. No matter how expensive the material is, and no matter how the complicated the process is, Hublot will applied it to it, just like Ferrari does. As long as there are material that could express designers’ ideas, then Hublot will tried its best to find it, even to compose it.

In addition to metal, there is another material that we have to mention is the Carbon fiber. Not in F1 car, many other luxury sport car choose carbon fiber as the material. The biggest advantage of this material is lightness. In the same volume, carbon fiber is 5 times lighter than the steel, while it has 5 times harder than steel. So far, carbon fiber has improvement and now it is a CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) to enhance the stability. This material has much more intensity, so it serve as the pivotal part in the car. Although Hublot hasn’t had so many materials than Ferrari, Hublot appears to be luxury than the Ferrari. Big bang, launching in 2005, expressed the core philosophy through the unique material that is hard to find in the earth, from the nature rubber and precious metal, to the fiber, ceramics, titanium and king gold, magic gold, and magic ceramic material.

I have to admit that I am a big fan of special material, so when I learn that Hublot is about to launched the carbon fiber watch, I was so excited. Generally speaking, titanium contributes to a dark color, ceramic is too bright, so only the carbon fiber is perfect: Not too bright not too dark.

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