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Two Watches Suggested for Couples

Rolex Oyster Datejust Pearlmaster 80285 – 74945BR watch

The new Rolex Oyster Datejust Pearlmaster watch combines the precious material and the luxury diamonds perfectly. The watch case and watch strap are both made of the 18ct everose gold by Rolex, and it is equipped with the 18ct white yellow gold outer bezel and the watch strap chain links, and engraved with the dazzling diamonds. On the surface of such gorgeous jewelry watch are decorated with the black or white nacre mother of pearl, and the pink golden lotus pattern. This watch can be the most beautiful lady watch that was launched by Rolex, before this, the feeling of the Rolex lady watches mostly is the contractible man watch with the same proportion. The carving dial lady watch launched in the year of 2009 more let people think that making lady watch is not the advantage of Rolex brand. But this Rolex Oyster Datejust Pearlmaster 80285 – 74945BR watch in terms of appearance is very eye-catching, offering the lady who is to buy Rolex watch another Strong argument in addition to quality. The oyster lady datejust pearlmaster watch is applying with the Rolex homemade 2235 automatic mechanical movement.

Rotonde de Cartier Terre et Lune

If you want to buy a eye-catching man watch for your boyfriend or husband apart from the Rolex brand at the same time, the new Rotonde de Cartier Terre et Lune day and night display watch is a good choice, which is applying with the hollow-out theme. This watch case is made by the 18k red gold, matching with the white hollow-out Roman numerals time scale, and the Meteorites dial and the phases of the moon display panel. Through the button at two o’clock position, you can adjust the second time zone function conveniently. The button at four o’clock position is responsible for the phase of the moon, after you press the button, the Meteorites phases of the moon will move to a particular location above the tourbillon (6 o ‘clock position).

Swiss Replica Watches ETA – Omega or Tag Heuer

Omega Date 3210.50.00

ETA7750 was once a proud one. ETA 7750 had its first debut in July 1st, 1974, and it is derived from ValJoux 7750. Valjoux is a famous movement producing plant, and particularly it is known for complication movement. ETA-7750 use a driven leverage, which is simple, and easy to maintain. It is less superior to Lange 1001, but is the best one from the perspective of functions. Thanks to ETA-7750, more watches brands can produce watches, and avoid fee in developing new movements. ETA 7750 movement is a classic type. 3 chronograph counters corresponds to Omega logo. At 3 o’clock there is a date display. No matter from the aesthetic view or its functions, it is the best in design.

Tag Heuer CALIBRE 36 RS CALIPER CAV5185.FT6020

Since 1860, Tag Heuer becomes the bell weather in the advanced watches, and modern chronograph technology. It is the best and luxury brand that works with top car race, so Tag Heuer deeply roots in this field. In the brand new Grand Carrera series, Tag Heuer is inspired by the car race, produce a unprecedentedly precise watch with amazing precision and stability. Tag Heuer CALIBRE 36 RS CALIPER CAV5185.FT6020 is fitted with a Calibre 36RS movement that provides the best stability.

Strap, bezel and crown on the sport watches are made of rubber. In the sports, rubber can be a good shock absorber, and protect your wrist from being hurt. Choosing a sport watch should depends on your own needs, and complication watches would not be suitable for everyone. Sincerely, I hope everyone would get a diver watches that you expect. And the ETA movement watches are also more and more popular nowadays for its excellent performance and affordable price. Thus, you can own your own swiss replica watch at relatively lower price than that of on sale at the local stores.

Tips on Buying Rolex Watches in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China, is city that walks in the leading edge, while the “invasion” of Rolex makes a great name for itself.

Nowadays, Rolex watches are so popular in Hong Kong, because the number of Rolex brand shops in Hong Kong is on the rise, so to speak, they appear to make Rolex become the household name, and provide the guarantee for the customer, and trustworthy, which can be seen from the product quality and accuracy of Rolex. So, now many mainland people of China like to go to Hong Kong to buy Rolex watches, here we just remind you some attention matters when going to Hong Kong to buy Rolex watches.

Tips one: Choose the credible Rolex shop
Buying Rolex watch in Hong Kong, you need to choose the Rolex shop with credibility and quality guarantee and warranty, such as the exclusive shop. When buy Rolex watch, you need to take care of the approval distributor certificate issued by the general agent, and the watches was sent out by the distributors of the general agency, which listed the state region size, sales date and type of certificate. When to shop in Hong Kong, just go to those shops with “Hong Kong famous brand management center”, “Hong Kong tourism board” or “HKFB”, or buy goods with “HKFB” logo which is guaranteed.

Tips two: you need to pay tax when carrying Rolex watch when passing customs
Due to the need to go through the customs from Hong Kong, and according to the relevant provisions of the customs, you need to pay the tax of 20% of the invoice when carrying the Rolex watch which is bought in Hong Kong. So before buying watches in Hong Kong you must know better the price, to see if the price of the watch buying in Hong Kong and 20% taxes is reasonable or not.